Tirana II

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Tirana is a compact, expandable voltage source with a wide range of uses including classic step sequencer, modulation source, voltage bank, and arpeggiator.Tirana is equally suited to small and large systems alike, either as a single utility or chained with more Tirana units.

This is a second, vastly improved revision to the original 2014 Tirana, featuring an updated circuit and a new, more powerful firmware.


  • Four CV/gate steps

  • Per-step repetition or ratcheting

  • Per-step gate muting

  • Accepts clock rates up to 320Hz

  • On-board clock divider

  • Voltage controlled play direction, transposition, and reset

  • Dynamic gate width modulation

  • Unipolar and bipolar adjustable voltage range

  • Expandable by chaining more Tirana units

  • Compatible with original Tirana units


6 hp
Reverse power protection
Current draw: +12v 30mA /-12v 5mA
Skiff friendly (40 mm)

Tirana II User Manual