The Bends

Warm Star Electronics
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A hub of utilities for mixing, blending, and intermingling signals!

The Bends contains 4 inputs, each with attenuators. Each input has it's own output and inverted output, and each input is normalled to 9.75v for use as an offset.

The real fun begins once you start modulating the Mix CV inputs! The Bends features 6 CV inputs; AB, BC, CD, AC, BD, and AD. Feeding positive voltage into an input such as the AB input will cause the main A outputs to start mixing in some of the channel B signal, and the B output will begin to mix in some of the A output. 5v of CV into a mix in will create a unity mix of the two signals at both outputs.

This allows the Bends to operate as a VCA or voltage controlled mixer or attenuator offset. Mixing offsets with the bends will average the two voltages. Patch in your exisiting CV to combine into new shapes!


  • Combining, inverting, offsetting, and attenuating voltages

  • Multiplying and complicating modulation

  • Voltage controlled mixing and routing

  • Fixed positive and negative voltages

  • & whatever else you invent or discover!

Read the Bends Manual for more information!


65 mA +12V
65 mA -12V
0 mA 5V