Super 37 / Monolith Keybed Case

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A high quality 37 key MIDI and CV capable keyboard combined with a 3u row and power source for modules-this is the perfect start to a custom synth, or can make an excellent controller for a larger modular system!

With so many great modules in eurorack, you can't believe how fun it can be to play things like Mutable Instruments Rings or Elements with a hassle-free keyboard! The keybed has a vintage feel but with improved action and feels very solid.

Includes Keyscan and LVLS - CV/gate output and audio output modules.


  • MIDI in/out/thru

  • 37 key keyboard with semi weighted keys

  • 4 V/Oct outs - 2 with glide, 2 without

  • Aftertouch

  • Velocity sensitive

  • 1/4" L and R outputs

  • Built-in headphone amp w/1/4" Headphone out

  • Incredibly fun!