S.P.O. is a dual channel polarizing scaler and offset generator-it provides attenuversion and offset to incoming signals. This is perfect for fine tuning modulation that will go to an input with no attenuator or for one where the level knob becomes an attenuator when patched.

Each channel of the S.P.O. features two inputs, which are unity mixed together before their sum is attenuverted and offset. Perfect for combining two sequencers before a quantizer for diatonic transposition!

The offset generator provides a DC voltage source for shifting signals into the positive or negative voltage region.

The scaler provides a means of attenuating and polarizing (inverting) the applied signal. S.P.O. works with audio and control voltages (CV).


21 mA +12V
21 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
25 mm deep