Running Order

Two-Channel Trigger Generator that can be used as a Clock Source, Clock Divider, Euclidian Generator, and more!

Running Order is a super compact and shallow trigger mangler and helper - it wants to bring your hi-hats or tom sequences alive within a glimpse of an eye - quickly hook the module to your master clock and program just a few steps. All the rest will be done by Running Order and you can enjoy changing the clock divisions and amount of repeats. Apply that triggers to your melody line and discover melodies from a new point of view.

The module works in two modes: Normal and Euclidan.

In Normal mode you simply enter the trigger sequence in SH101 style as a sequence or steps (1, or active trigger) and rests (0, or pause/skipped step). Recording starts once you switch the toggle to track either 1 or 2. Turning it to the middle immediately starts the playback of recorded sequence. In that mode we can thoroughly program our repeated trigger sequences and influence on them with external clock with dividers and set amount of repeats of active triggers that happen.

In Euclidean mode, you can’t program a sequence of triggers per se, however you set the number of triggers, which are spread over the Euclidean circle you set – the rest is done by the module itself.

Euclidean and step modes can be used separately for each track – press the correlating button 2 seconds to change the mode.

Did we mention that, if you apply a shuffled external clock, RUNNING ORDER also shuffles properly?

The cherry on the pie are the patterns: 8 patterns are available and each pattern contains sequences for both tracks. Patterns are switched consequently once the track with the longest number of steps is finished. To switch a pattern, press both buttons and rotate the CLOCK/DIV/PATT knob to one of the 8 ranges in between the marks.


6 HP
30 mm depth (including ribbon cable)
+12V: 30mA
-12V: 10 mA