Polar Fringe

LZX Industries
Polar Fringe is an analog chroma key generator with a continuously variable soft edge surrounding its location the colorspace - like Doorway but for colors! With wide bandwidth voltage control over all four parameters, it’s hard to draw the line between chroma keyer, a complex 2D processor, or even a de-colorizer.

The Chroma Key Patch
  • Patch your RGB image source into the source inputs. Patch the RGB Thru outputs to your compositor module’s RGB inputs (such as Visual Cortex or Marble Index.)
  • Next, patch one of the Key outputs to the voltage control input on your compositor module (Visual Cortex or Marble Index.)
  • Now you can use the joystick, Diameter, and Fringe controls to change the color and quality of the resulting key.
While Polar Fringe is optimized for use as a dedicated, voltage controllable chroma keyer, in the modular domain it can easily become another kind of animal - Try thinking outside the box with how you include it in a patch -- for example, feeding ramp signals or horizontal and vertical waveshapes into the RGB inputs will transform it into a capable shape and pattern generator!


Width, 16HP
Mounting Depth, 36mm
Power +12V @ 125mA
Power -12V @ 130mA

Polar Fringe Reference Card