Model 41

Electro-Acoustic Research

Eurorack Module MODEL 41 from Electro-Acoustic Research Electro-Acoustic Research MODEL 41 STEINER 4P FILTER

The all new Model 41 marks a collaboration between Peter Grenader and Nyle Steiner. Able to generate a timbral and temporal pallet ranging from kitten purr to bad-hair-day Godzilla, the Model 41 is built around an unreleased, second generation Synthasystem filter core originally designed for the Steiner EVI. The M41 boasts a three-mode (LP, BP. HP) four pole, 24dB/oct Sallen and Key engine - coupled with three switchable rip your face off distortion modes unique to this filter.


  • Frequency manual control (range .5hZ to 15kZ)
  • Bipolar (+/-) Frequency modulation on input attenuator
  • Filter Resonance manual control
  • Frequency modulation voltage control on input 2
  • Frequency modulation input 2 Std attenuator - 1v/oct manual adjust
  • Filter Resonance Voltage Control Input
  • IFM Sync Frequency Modulation mode
  • Spectral Energy Distribution Enable
  • Spectral Energy Distribution control
  • Hyper Q Resonance Modulation mode
  • Hyper Q Resonance Modulation polarity (-/+)
  • Output Mode Level Attenuators (Lowpass, Band Pass, Highpass)


60 mA +12V
15 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
28 mm deep