A huge amount of modulation in a small space! The ModBox contains two LFOs that can be tempo synced, and a white-noise sample and hold circuit for random modulation or stepped LFOs.


    • LFO 1 is a three-phase LFO with independent outputs for each phase which are set at 0, 120, and 240 degrees. Shape can be switched between Sine, Triangle, and Saw with a push of a button.


    • LFO 2 is a Skewable LFO with three shapes. The LFO shape can be smoothly changed from a Ramp through Triangle to Saw wave shapes. The skew shape can be changed with the Skew knob or with CV


  • The Sample and Hold circuit's clock is normalled to the 2nd LFO but can be clocked externally as well. The sample and hold samples voltage from and internal white noise source and can also be replaced by an external voltage source. White noise has it's own output as well for use with other modules and applications.

Both LFOs can be sync'd to an external clock source by holding the wave shape button for different lengths of time. As they are independent of eachother, one can be sync'd while the other runs free. They can also operate at audio rate and track several octaves when not tempo-synced


75 mA +12V
27 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
40 mm deep