Mimetic Multium

Noise Engineering
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CV/Gate expansion for Mimetic Sequent-Noise Engineering's 64 step CV recorder with probabalistic randomization.

The Mimetic Sequent is able to save 3 recorded or generated sequences at a time. The Mimetic Sequent expander, Mimetic Multium, allows all 3 sequences to be output simultanously, along with 4 different randomized trigger streams that are related to the MS controls.

      Mimetic - mime - from Latin mimus "mime" with suffix -ic "pertaining to" "pertaining to mimes"

      Multium - many, more than two,- from Latin Multum "multiple"

      "Multiple Mimes"


Module does not draw current-requires Mimetic Sequent to operate
20 mm deep

Noise Engineering Mimetic Sequent/Multium Manual