Merge (Black Panel)

Adventure Audio

Pedals + Modular = Merge!

The concept behind this module is to Merge the guitar pedals and the modular synths together. Merge is a network of tools designed to facilitate using a guitar or any instrument with a modular!

Merge allows users to utilize different parts of your signal than just the sound. It extracts amplitude information and generates control voltages that can be used in conjunction with other modules and eurorack level equipment. With an instrument input, FX loop (each with their own independent level control), and an envelope follower this module opens the stargate to new and unexplored sonic territory! Insert your guitar into the modular!


  • Input pre-amp designed for instrument level sources, such as a guitar or guitar pedals.

  • Instrument level output, for returning your signal to a guitar amp or other instrument level input.

  • 2nd instrument level input, designed to be used as an effects loop for instrument level sources like guitar pedals, allowing you to use your modularized signal back and forth to guitar pedals and insert your modular effects pre-guitar pedal.

  • Envelope follower, allowing you to extract amplitude information from your input signal to create an envelope for modulation! Patch to a filter for an autowah type behavior.

  • Comparator circuit - set a threshold and every time it is exceeded, Merge outputs a trigger and a gate for triggering events!

  • All circuits connected by jack normalling, meaning while these tools are all pre-patched to the input, they can all be used seperately, such as using the envelope follower on a modular signal!

Merge is the perfect first module for a modular-based guitar effects rack!


+12V - 50 mA
-12V - 80 mA
36mm depth
3D Printed Panel