Loquelic Iteritas

Noise Engineering
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Comb oscillator, VOSIM, Summation Synthesis, Phase Modulation with adjustible waveform, and a wave folder, the Loquelic Iteritas is an aggressive beast of an oscillator!

The Loquelic Iteritas is an 10HP comb oscillator producing a wide variety of woody, throaty tones as well as basic waveforms. It uses variable sample rate technology to turn digital aliasing into harmonic distortion. It also features a built in infinifold wave folder which gives another dimension of voltage controlled sound.

      Loquelic - speech - from Latin loquela "speech"

      Iteritas - repetitiousness - from Latin itero "repeat" with suffix -tas state of being"

      "Vocal Oscillator"


80 mA +12V
5 mA -12V
90 mA 5V
26 mm deep