Kitty Eyes

Snazzy FX
A chaotic noise source perfect for generating strange CV, as a sound source for percussion, or for generating random triggers!

Snazzy FX loves chaos, and we want you to have a piece of it too! Notnecessarily chaos in the sense of everything going crazy, but chaos asfound in natural systems: dripping faucets, kinetic interactions or fractals.The Kitty eyes has most of the features of our bigger chaos modules butwith a lower price and footprint.


  • Two chaotic outputs with different characteristics

  • Trigger output

  • Threshold control for setting chaotic trigger density

  • CV attenuator for CV input

  • Speed control for setting the coarse pitch set of the chaotic system

  • Bi-color LED to indicate the state of the chaotic oscillator


  • Works great as a modulation source for any module requiring 2CV inputs (i.e. the Snazzy FX Ardcore)

  • Use it with a VCA to create unique percussion sounds

  • Chaotic triggers add an organic element to sequences or to drumpatterns

  • Works well for modulating VCOs and filters

  • Works well as a unique “noise” source

  • Feed audio signals into the CV input for interesting effects

  • Use the chaotic trigger output as a strange audio out

  • CV input resets the chaotic oscillator when fed with a trigger,sawtooths and pulses – can be used to disturb the chaos.

  • Specifications:

    Width 6HP
    Current draw 10mA

    Snazzy FX Kitty Eyes Manual