Kick Me

Snazzy FX
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Snazzy FX first analog drum circuit! This circuit is not based on any vintage drum or X0X sound and is capable of producing sounds ranging from acoustic sounding kick drums to deep speaker rattling sub bass sounds!


  • Two separate kick channels from one trigger input

  • Kick drum “A” features a wide variety of kick styles, from tightrock kicks to blown out techno bass drums

  • Kick drum “B” features control of decay and is designed for maximum sub bass

  • Linear CV input allows for useful pitch FX

  • Designed to allow for live changes, the KICK_ME works well during a show or improvisation without any nasty surprises

  • Clipper switch for special blown out sounds

  • Can go from tame and tiny to mean and angry

  • With two separate kick outputs, you can setup interesting patches utilizing distortion, filtering, or FM

  • Unique sound, not based on any XOX box

  • Specifications:

    Width 8HP
    Current draw 10mA

    Snazzy FX Kick Me Manual