Invert Offset module creates an easy way to modify control voltages for other modules in your system. Features dual offsets with regular and phase flipped outputs and voltage control over offsets. Both channels sum, allowing use as a simple mixer, and also features a comparator-a gate that goes high when input 1 is higher than input 2 (and either input can be set as a threshold with no input via the offset knob.)

The Invert Offset consists of two identical channels. Signal applied to the In jack is vertically offset by the knob, additionally a CV signal may be applied to offset the signal vertically.

The +Out jack puts out a non-inverted signal with the specified offset. The -Out jack puts out an inverted signal with the same offset as the +Out.

The Offset CV input allows you to mix two signals together, Offset will never be inverted, while the signal at the In jack will be inverted based on the selected output.

There is also a sum output (1+2) that takes the non-inverted outputs and adds them together. Also there is a comparator gate output that is on if the channel 1 output is more positive than channel 2.


20 mA +12V
20 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
31 mm deep