Moffenzeef Modular

“Nø, it’s nøt a guitar pedal”

Intensfies is an all purpose distortion pedal, partially derived from the gain circuit of the Stargazer drone box.

Intensifies mangles sound through analog overdrive, sample rate reduction, and amplitude modulation, and is capable of sounds from standard distortion to glitchy tremelo to all out chaos!


  • Powered by standard 9V DC Tip Negative Power Supply (not included)

  • Analog Sample Rate Reduction via Sample and Hold Circuit

  • Analog Distortion

  • Amplitude Modulation of Sample Rate Clock

  • True Bypass

  • Dual Light Controlled Oscillators

  • Noise Synth Swarm output

  • Screaming hot 12vpp signals at max!

  • 100% analog!

  • No footdswitch means you'll never have to talk to guitarists about this!

Quickstart Guide