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An advanced 4 track sequencer for eurorack!

Sequence 4 voices with CV, Gate, and Modulation! Complex per-step configurable parameters provide capabilities to effortlessly create intricate sequenced arppegios as well as tempo synced modulation outputs that can change instantly on any step - steps can contain Rhythm or Pitch probabilities or be modulated externally in many different ways, providing an exteremely power yet still intuitive sequencer!


Fluxus One presents each user with a diverse set of features. Designed to be immediately intuitive, the pathway of learning allows a user to grow into the module.

    • 4 Channel, 64 Step Sequencer

      Sequence up to 64 steps on each channel simultaneously

    • Configure up to 1024 pitch changes per channel using arpeggiator

      One 8v gate per output per channel

      Two ±10v CV outputs per channel

      1 dedicated pitch output, 1 dedicated modulation output

    • Built in Quantizer

      Every pitch signal out of FLXS1 is quantized

    • Microtonal capabilities built in (more scales coming soon!)

    • Built in Pitch and Gate Arpeggiator

      Root note, octave, interval, length + direction configurable per step

    • Ratchet capabilities when interval is set to unison

    • Complex Modulation CV Output

      Trigger, voltage, LFO or envelope modes

    • Waveform, frequency, amplitude and offset configurable per step

      Tempo Synced LFOs

      Modulate Outputs with CV input or internal modulation

    • Extensive Sequence Modulation Capabilities

      4 Gate inputs and 4 CV inputs

    • Modulate multiple parameters simultaneously

      Each destination subscribes to a source

      Pitch, gate and modulation outputs can be internally routed

      Channels can modulate other with no cables

    • Sync to Your Favorite Gear

      External gate sync + reset input

    • MIDI sync to computer via USB – great for multitrack recording!

      MIDI sync to other gear with 3.5mm jacks

    • Internal Memory for up to 16 sequences

      Banks of saved sequences coming soon!

    • Sysex data dump coming soon


200 mA +12V
50 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
25 mm deep

FLXS1 Web Manual