Escher Sketch

LZX Industries
Touch/stylus pen controller interface for video synthesis, regular synthesis, or laser synthesis, featuring a high resolution 5.7 inch drawing surface. Provides XY positioning voltage outputs as well as pressure and directional velocity sensing. Stylus pen included!

Escher Sketch functions similarly to a joystick, outputting voltage based on the position and pressure on the screen. This can be set to output 0-1v or 0-5v by setting on the back of the panel, making it usable in non-video systems.

Hold record and draw a modulation shape, and you can press play to play it back or loop your drawing, allowing you to create your own complex modulation. This recording can be sped up or slowed down or non-destructively slewed after the fact!

Also features MIDI out via 3.5mm to DIN jack.


Power +12V @ 180mA
Power -12V @ 30mA
Mounting Depth, 50mm

Escher Sketch Quick Start Guide