E208 Portable Case

Elite Modular
The iconic Elite Modular E208 Portable, featuring two rows of 104hp and high quality power, one of the toughest and lightest eurorack cases available and a Midwest Modular favorite!


  • 6U / 104hp

  • Portable Eurorack Modular Flight Case

  • Lightweight (Only 9.5 lbs, half the weight of other 6Us)

  • Strong Construction using Baltic Birch

  • Black Ballistic Super Rugged Coating

  • Make Noise Power Bus Board

  • Total Power: 1.4A of +12v, 1.4A -12, 1A +5

  • 20 Euro Connectors for Modules

  • 4.3A Switching Power Brick

  • Removable Top

  • Can Close with a Full Patch

  • 20 M2.5 Sliding nuts and Screws per Rail (80 Total)

  • Complies with Airline Carry On restrictions

  • Fits within Ryanair/Easyjet Carry On 55cm-40cm-20cm

  • Exterior Dimensions: 21.5" W x 10.75" H x 6" D

  • Space above the busboard (top 6U) 2"

  • Space without the busboard (bottom 6U) 2 9/16" 66mm