DVCA is the newest iteration of WMD's classic Digital VCA module, giving it more features while reducing its size and power consumption.

DVCA has two VCA Channels; Channel A has bias and offset controls while Channel B is a simple VCA.

Both channels have optional Zero-crossing detectors which can be used to squash the type of clicks and pops that appear when using a gate as the CV input or using ultra fast envelopes in the bass range. This can also be used to patch up a clickless mute system. Channel A is now unipolar/bipolar switchable, allowing for use as a bipolar VCA! Pefect for Ring Mod effects or VC Attenuversion effects (for instance, passing an envelope through the VCA and sequeincing it's depth AND polarity.)

Channel A also has an optional UPDATE input which when triggered acts as a sample and hold against the attenuation level. This can be used to create a sample and hold by patching an offset to the VCA input.


  • New smaller footprint - now in 4HP!

  • Dual VCA design

  • Channel A can be a standard or bipolar VCA

  • Channel A has bias and CV attenuversion

  • Low distortion/noise

  • VCA closes completely

  • Zero crossing detector

  • Gate/trigger detector

  • Analog signal path

  • Great for ultra fast envelopes


Power: +12V = 72mA; -12V = 45mA
Size: 4 HP
Depth: 39mm
Absolutely No Bleed!