Xaoc Devices
An 8 bit ADC and DAC that allows one to manipulate bits to create transfer functions and shape voltage into new shapes!

Drezno features two sides: the left side convets voltage to 8 binary/gate signals which can be normalled to the right side, which converts 8 binary/gate signals into voltage. This is done by default with a high sample rate clock so it just produces slight 8 bit quantization, but this clock can be replaced-for instance by a square wave oscillator-to create sample rate reduction and aliasing effects. (The effective sample rate would be the rate of the oscillator and the highest frequency produced would be an octave below the oscillator, per Nyquist Theory.)

These 8 bits can be manipulated or patched in a different order or inverted via the Lipsk expander via push button or gate to change the shape of voltage, useful for converting a single LFO shape like a triangle or rising saw into something more esoteric. The 8 bits can also be used as clocks or gates, or can be used at audio rate to create related square wave waveshapes. The right DAC can be fed several square wave gates to create a stepped modulation pattern.


Current draw: +50mA / -35mA
Skiff Friendly
Reverse power protection
Lipsk Expander Available

XAOC Drezno Manual