Low-Gain Electronics

Dual 1 to 3 active buffered mult outputs with true Bipolar attenuverters. Use this module to mult a CV source (For instance, an LFO) to multiple destinations within a patch (such as filter cutoff, OSC FM input, etc) and independently control the level of each CV from a centralized location! Excellent for manipulating sequencer outputs pre-quantizer or as a two channel mixer with two aux-sends per channel for audio.

Detented to ensure 0v and no bleed when set to 12 o'clock.

When the input is not being used it has an internal 5V source normalled to it, allowing each side to be used as 3 individual offsets.

Channel 3 of each side are combined and available via SUM and OR outputs, allowing use as 2 channel mixer or OR-logic combiner.

Lots of functionality in a small space! The CVP-1 is a great organizer for live performance.