Cursus Iteritas

Noise Engineering
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Dynamically generated wavetable oscillator using multiple orthogonal functions.

Cursus Iteritas is an oscillator that works from a dynamically generated wavetable. It gives the user spectral-like controls over three different modes based on different conceptualizations of frequency: Fourier, which uses sine waves; Daubechies, using wavelets, and Walsh mode, using the Walsh transform. Cursus Iteritas parametrizes a wide variety of sounds, but because the sounds are all based off of orthogonal functions, it has a musical tone structure and can produce an extremely wide variety of harmonic sounds.

      Cursus - series, from Latin cursus "series"

      Iteritas - repetitiousness - from Latin itero "repeat" with suffix -tas "state of being"

    "a Series of Repetitiousness"


150 mA +12V
80 mA -12V
90 mA 5V
38 mm deep