Xaoc Devices
Bytom features three 4 to 1 OR logic combiners, and will sum the outputs of two of these sections with the third when no output is patched. OR logic is one of the most useful analog logic forms in eurorack. Or logic is a "MAX" circuit - while it cannot process and ignores negative voltage, it will take the highest available voltage from the inputs at any given moment, which makes it perfect for combining triggers and gates (when 4x 5v gates hit at the same time, you get 5v output rather than a mixer that would provide a 20v output.) Using this technique with triggers and gates can be especially fun as it has the added effect that since trigger inputs are looking for a sharp rising edge and the circuit is producing a MAX signal, a long gate can in effect prevent the sharp rise of other triggers, creating interesting rhythmic effects.

OR logic can also be especially fun when used to combine modulation such as LFOs, just being aware that negative voltages are ignored.


  • three independent trigger/gate 4:1 combiner sections (OR gate)
  • any combiner section can be normalled to any other
  • basic CV summing


6 hp wide
+12/-12V powered
current draw: 10 mA
backward power protection
skiff friendly (25 mm)

Xaoc Bytom User Manual