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Multi-function utility module including voltage level translation, voltage controlled fader and mixing!

Contains two buffered multiples with the ability to scale voltage by X5 or /5, allowing you to convert 5v eurorack signals to 1v video signals and vice versa.

While multing and signal conversion is a big part of the module, Bridge also includes a VC crossfader which can be used as a regular video VCA, and includes a unity mixer with 3 inputs - a regular input, an inverted input that is subtracted from the mix, and a 3rd input that can be added or subtracted from the mix, selectable by switch. Crossfaders, VCAs, and Mixers are some of the most fun and useful video utilities!


Width, 8HP
+12V @ 30mA
-12V @ 30mA
32mm Depth

Lzx Bridge Manual