Brain Seed

Antimatter Audio
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A stepped random source, quantizer, and CV recorder - The Brain Seed is a realtime step recorder with many extras that packs as much fun and functionality as could be wedged behind a 4hp panel while keeping the interface as intuitive as possible!


  • Record 1 to 1000 of steps in variable mode. Record the number of steps that you want until you're done and the Brain seed will play them back. The buffer clears and restarts at step 1 each time a new recording is started.

  • Record 8/16/32 steps in fixed length mode. This mode is good for jamming, it allows you to punch in and selectively record over values in the buffer.

  • Record (Reseed) has a gate input and a toggle switch, so that you can remotely control or automate recording
  • .

  • Each button has a tri-colored LED to show its state

  • Each button is a 1-1 function (except save)

  • Use as a random sequence generator, sample and hold, quantizer, stepped CV recorder, and more!


45 mA +12V
45 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
48 mm deep

Antimatter Audio Brain Seed Manual