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Belgrad is a beefy multimode state variable filter with some suprises up it's sleeve allowing it to go well beyond what a typical filter can do.

At it's core Belgrad is really two filters which have their outputs summed via the "balance" knob which operates as a crosfader. Using the span control can offset these filters to provide dual peaks, allowing vocal and formant sounds. It features a V/oct input for filter keytracking or use as a funky dual summed oscillator when set to self oscillate. (State variable filter resonance can produce clean sine waves, but Belgrad resonance can be pushed into further shapes through overdrive and resonance controls),

Mode knob changes the response of these filters, turning it from a dual peak low pass filter to band pass to dual peak high pass filter with various notch modes in the middle. The level input allows one to easily overdrive the filter if desired, and a dedicated switch allows different resonance patterns for a huge effect on the sound. Slider CV attenuators for the cutoff and span make Belgrad a joy to play.


14hp, skiff friendly
Current draw: +45mA / -42mA
Reverse power protection

Xaoc Belgrad Manual