Bad Idea #18214 8 Channel Format Jumbler

Moffenzeef Modular
The best of the Bad Idea series yet! 8x channels of bidirectional 1/8" to 1/4" conversion that can be jumped per channel for single direction with a pad for modular to line conversion!

Bad Idea #18214 is a down and dirty, simple solution for getting 8 channels of eurorack into 1/4” format. The module includes individual passive attenuators for each channel that can be switched on and off with jumpers on the back of the module. These attenuators drop the signal from modular level down to line level audio to protect inputs on mixers, effects pedals, and audio interfaces. With the jumpers installed, the module works as a simple bidirecitonal cable converter with no attenuation. This is the configuration the module is in when it is shipped.

NOTE: If going from 1/4” back to 1/8” for use with eurorack, an amplifier module will be required to boost the signal to modular level - this unit is passive and while it can pad modular 1/8" signals if required, it cannot amplify 1/4" line signals.



20mm depth (super skinny!)

Passive module requires no power