4TTEN Quad Attenuator

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4TTEN (pronounced either ATTEN or FOUR-TEN) is a four channel attenuator module with sliders, where any channel becomes an offset generator when left unpatched.

Use 4TTEN to attenuate any CV or audio signal by running through the ins and outs. Each channel is completely independent.

A +5V voltage source is normalled to each input, making it a standalone offset when there is no cable patched into an input - patch outputs to important controls and use 4tten as a comand center, controlling the patch from one location with sliders!


  • 4 independent attenuators for Control Voltage and Audio signals

  • Performance friendly sliders

  • Can be used as 0 to +5V Offset

  • Comfortable fader caps from the Performance Mixer

  • Virtually no drop on 1V/Oct signals.

  • Only 4 hp!


Power: +5mA , -5mA
Depth: 30mm(with cables)
4TTEN's PCB is 113mm (4.45") tall and may be a tight fit in some cases