Moffenzeef Modular

3MO Mega Panel is three Moffenzeef GMO modules in one panel, which each module running an alternate GMO firmware - Stock GMO, Mongrel, and Bobcat - It's a whole lot of glitchy percussion in one module!


  • The Genetically Modified Oscillator (GMO) is an open source, lo-fi, digital, esoteric drum module. Rather than taking a “set it and forget it” approach to drum synthesis, the GMO is outfit with complete bipolar CV control over every parameter. The user can dial in everything from microsound blips, to drawn out gongs, to screeching mutated beasts. When in looping mode the GMO can be viewed as a mutated VCO, combining the best elements of granular and wavetable synthesis. Its low resolution output means lots of side-band modulation, noise, and most importantly: character. This beast is best understood in practice rather than in theory.

  • The Mongrel is the dirtiest and mangiest of dogs... the type of dog you just want to smack! We dare you to kick our mongrel and make its tail go in between its legs (this will change the decay time). By varying the amount it yips and yaps, the user can tweak the pitch of its two onboard oscillators. Each of these oscillators are summed into a ring modulator, which lets the user dial in juuuuust the right amount of grrrowl for that freaky, funky, space yowl. Flip the “snarl” switch and make that mongrel yelp its timbre from sine to square. (Moffenzeef Modular does not condone animal abuse. But we do encourage wicked experimentation with our modules.)

  • he Bobcat is an ex-lover of the GMO’s and a close cousin to the Mongrel. Outfitted with two channels of decaying digital noise, this module is a nice, simple addition to any drum synth setup. Simply feed it two trigger sources and bask in the gnarly hissing glory. If you feel so inclined–and need the extra gnar–flip the “snarl” switch to go from alley cat screeches to guttural moans.


150 mA +12V
30 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
30 mm deep