3000mA Mantis / uZeus Boost Universal Power Adaptor

Tip-Top Audio

This is a brick style AC power adapter made to power both the new Tip Top Mantis cases or the μZeus eurorack power module. When powering a μZeus it will double the capacity of the uZeus +12v rail up to 2000ma. this is especially great for systems with digital modules that consume most of their current from the +12v rail. It is rated at 3000ma and is made with heavy gauge wire for better grounding and a specifically set output voltage that helps keep the μZeus cooler under load in compare to previous adapter models. It is a good option for users maxing out the standard adapter shipped with the Happy Ending Kit. Please note that this adapter does not comes with an IEC cable, this needs to be sourced separately. The power supply does work worldwide (100-240v).