2hp Power


2Hp Power is a compact and skiff friendly eurorack power supply, perfect for small cases!  It also features multiples on the panel for splitting CV to multiple sources so that even in 2hp, no space is wasted!




• Delivers up to 1A @ +12V,

• Delivers up to 650mA @ -12V 

• Depth: 42mm (with included flying bus board ribbon cable attached)


To power the module, Use any DC (direct current) voltage source (NOT INCLUDED): adapter or battery with 12 to 20V 1-2A and more (barrel negative/pin positive)

Power module accepts universal 2.1 or 2.5 inner diameter, 5.5mm outer diameter DC plug barrel

Recommended PSU model: Mean Well GST90A12-P1M 6.6A 12V

Recommended battery model: Vinsic 30000mAh Power Bank 4.5A 19V


2HP Power Manual